This Australia safari hunt allows you to experience one of the last true free range frontiers of hunting.

New Zealand Safaris personally guides clients here from June-October each year. We are Based out of the permanent camp of Walker River in East Arnhemland, Northern Territories Australia. This is not only the largest, but most remote and now only designated conservation for Buffalo Hunting in the top end in conjunction with the traditional land owners.

At over 2 million acres (90x60 miles) that ranges from coastlines, tropical jungle, river valleys and grass swamps this hunt has everything we as hunters are looking to experience.

The quality of these genuine Wild Buffalo are second to none, and hunters have the option of taking multiple trophies that also include Wild Oxen and Boar by rifle or bow. The mature bulls we take average in age from 18-30 years old with over 45 inch spread which is testament to the quality of feed and managed numbers that works within their habitat.


...A Few Things To Know

Our camp has all the comforts you can want overlooking the river including full time cook and camp staff, hot showers, flushing toilets, purpose built cabins, generator power, and airstrip for the charter planes.

Your hunt is generally 6-8 days and within this we like to incorporate not only Buffalo hunting, but include Barramundi fishing from one of our boats, Crocodile tours and plenty of time to take some amazing photos in. All trophy preparation is done in camp ready for shipping with our main hunting season being from June-October, you also have the option to combine New Zealand and Australia for the complete South Pacific Safari as we personally guide our own hunters.

Rest assured this hunt will be one of the highlights of your career for those that want the excitement of hunting Dangerous Big Game animals, in one of the last truly wild places left in the world.

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