We look forward to hunting with you! If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Our most common questions

Yes. Most countries will allow you to bring meat home due to our game animals having no foreign pests or diseases, certainly in the U.S.

We will prepare your meat either chilled or frozen until you are ready to leave. If you plan to bring meat home we recommend bringing a small cooler with you that can fit inside your main bag, or you can take larger amounts up to 50 lbs as checked baggage.

Yes! Whether they choose to come with us on the hunt or would prefer to enjoy the many activities around us, we can help plan plenty of things to do. New Zealand is a very friendly place to vacation, we have no snakes, spiders or predators and can cater to all interests.

INCLUDED: Prices are quoted in USD and are inclusive of 15% NZ tax, private land hunting, professional guide, lodging, wifi, meals, beer and wine (in moderation), photos, ground transfters, field caping, visit to taxidermist. 

NOT INCLUDED: Flights, insurance, before and after accommodation, gratuities, ammunition, any helicopter time (unless noted), taxidermy, expediting, hard liquor.


Yes, Jim has been guiding on free range deer and buffalo in Australia for many years now, towards the end of our season, which is when the main rut is in Australia (June-October).

Species include water buffalo, ox, boar, banteng, rusa deer, sambar deer, axis deer, and black buck antelope. On your request we can personally guide you.

Keep in mind Australia is only 3 hrs from Christchurch International Airport.

We do specialise in hunting most animals Free Range on Private land in New Zealand because of the quality, accessibility, and numbers on our exclusive properties to New Zealand Safaris. But for those clients wanting to go after the truly huge antlered animals like Red Stag and Fallow Buck we have our own 3500 acre hunting estate.

Yes we take a number of bow hunters every year. This is the ultimate challenge for a die-hard hunter that wants to hunt New Zealand at its purist form. We don't use tree stands or hunt over feeders, all spot and stalk on foot shooting up or down hill predominately. Shots will vary from 15-60 yards.

If you have a drivers licence in your home country then you can drive in New Zealand. We drive on the left hand side of the road, and with the low traffic numbers most of our roads are only 2 lane with limited turn offs, just remember roundabouts give way to your right. Hiring (renting) a vehicle is recommended for non-hunters if you would like to tour around during or after your hunt, we can recommend local companies should you need help.

It is very easy unlike many other countries, to bring a gun well as ammunition. You can fill out the permit online before your arrival. Upon arrival go to the Police counter near baggage claim, they will help you retrieve your gun from the baggage claim and then issue your permit once you've paid the $25 NZD fee. Pistols and military weapons are not allowed. We advise to bring at least 2 packs of ammunition per hunter/rifle.

From gift shopping to trout or salmon fishing, sightseeing, snow skiing, horse riding we can personally help in combine these things to your experience to add to your personalised safari.

We are on 240v, with a 2-3 pin plug. Most modern electronics now will handle both 110-240v, just take a look at the plug as it will say. All you will need to use them here is a plug converter which you can get from most stores or airports.

We chill or freeze your trophies until the hunt is finished. From there we will take them to our local taxidermist where you can decide weather you want them mounted here or salted and shipped to your preferred company. Shipping costs vary according to crate size.

Our taxidermist can give you an estimate based on how you would like it done, upon request.

From New Zealand it goes to your country where it is recommended you use a customs broker to clear your trophies and forward onto your designated destination. Again our local taxidermist can assist you with finding a customs broker.

New Zealand is an island and our weather can change often within a day or the week. We carry wet weather gear throughout most of the season and in winter good warm clothing.  Much like hunting in many parts of the central U.S, Alaska and Canada, we will send you out a full list of clothing and equipment before you come.

  • February-March: This is still in our summer, temps 38°F(3°C) - 80°F (26°C)
  • April-May: We are now going to fall, temps 32°F (0°C) - 65°F (18°C)
  • June-September: Our main winter months, temps 28°F (-2°C) - 55°F (12°C)

Exercising and working out before the hunt certainly pays off, especially when taking on our mountain animals. Because of our well-tracked properties we are able to drive around most places from the valley floors which allows all ages and abilities of hunters the opportunity to harvest their magnificent trophies. Different properties will provide hunters with different levels of hunting to suit their physical requirements.

Shots vary depending on game being hunted and more importantly the range the hunter is comfortable with. For deer and most game 100-250 yards, on tahr and chamois 200-350 yards.

Our main hunting season is from late February-August. Most of the deer species rut late March-end April. Tahr and chamois winter coats start late April, rut is late May- end of July but they will have their winter coats right through to September. The main bird season is May-July but there are variations, like pheasant is typically April-August. The north island deer are hunted later in the season generally from May-September.

New Zealand Safaris and All Seasons Lodge is located in the central South Island between Christchurch and Queenstown, near the rural town of Fairlie. We are are just over the pass from the world famous Mt. Cook National Park and Southern Lakes. This area is the natural home to the bull tahr, fallow buck, red stag, and wallaby with plenty of chamois, birds and other various species who also call this area home.


Air Travel:

Most flights arrive from San Francisco, L.A, or Houston into Auckland which is an overnight 12 hr flight. The main carrier is Air New Zealand which has won numerous awards as an international airline. Travel insurance is recommended and a passport is required. A visitor’s visa is issued upon arrival into New Zealand. Your New Zealand final destination will be either Christchurch or Timaru in the South Island. We are just over 2 hrs south of Christchurch International Airport, and 35 minutes from Timaru Airport and half way between Christchurch and Queenstown.

Hunting Properties:

New Zealand Safaris operates on leased private land. These huge properties are all within 5-30 minute of the lodge. Each species we hunt has 3-4 properties. Which means the game have less pressure from hunting, it also gives us the option to change properties according to weather and hunter’s ability. Every hunter or party can have their own property to hunt on. These ranches (stations) range from 8,000- to our largest 47,000-acre sheep and cattle ranch that is home to the first liberation of the bull tahr. New Zealand Safaris still has access to the largest and most diverse types of privately owned hunting properties in New Zealand, both free range or fair chase estate.

Additional Questions:

If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hunting with you for the experience of a lifetime with New Zealand Safaris!