In 1870, Captain Thomson brought over two female and one male red neck wallaby from Australia to our local Waimate district in the South Island.


The lack of predators and abundance of food now sees huge populations spread throughout this area. Most of the small population established in Central South Island, near the town of Waimate, where it began to breed prolifically in the hill country. Wallabies can grow up to 1m tall and up to 25kg in weight.

The weather and feed conditions in New Zealand mean they can breed all year round and this has led to a population boom now estimated at 11 million. They are mainly found in mountain grass (tussock) areas but live anywhere they can find cover and food. More and more large numbers descend on to farm crops and devastate them overnight. They are primarily nocturnal but can be found out in the daytime in winter when overnight temperatures are very cold and they need to warm up in the shortened daily sun.


...A Few Things To Know

This hunt should not be considered a high-volume hunt, but more an adventure for the hunter, and for someone seeking a totally unique experience. Coupled with a big game hunt, this can be an excellent add-on to a true New Zealand safari.

There is no hunting season on them. They can be hunted year round.

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