New Zealand is a country full of scenic beauty and abundant wildlife – unencumbered by predator problems. The duck population has been allowed to flourish here, since the nests are not tormented by the predators you'll find in North America.

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We have an excellent operation for those hunters who want to see a different shooting environment, and see birds available no place else on earth. Mallards were introduced to New Zealand before the turn of the 20th century, and have had phenomenal success there. We also have native species, the unique and beautifully painted paradise duck, about the size of a small snow goose, and the gray duck, which is similar to the mallard. We also hunt the black swan, another species introduced in New Zealand.


...A Few Things To Know

This hunt should not be considered a high-volume hunt, but more an adventure for the collector, and for someone seeking a totally unique experience. Coupled with a big game hunt, this can be an excellent add-on to a true New Zealand safari.

Our main season is the first weekend of May through to July with an early short season in March.

We also have a local pheasant season from April to August, as well as merrium turkey hunting. New Zealand Safaris has one of the highest populations of wild merrium turkeys on one of our properties that has an open season.

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