"Jim and Rhonda, We just want to thank you for the awesome hunt and very comfortable accommodations.The hunt for Red Stag was beyond our expectations. We shot 2 magnificent Red Stags and a beautiful 13 inch Bull Tahr and when the hunt was over, unlike most outfitters, Jim took us on a sightseeing tour on the South Island of New Zealand. What a beautiful country! A special thank you to Rhonda for the wonderful meals every day and those luscious desserts! We have been on several hunts around the world and you will not find a more honest, straight shooting man as Jim. We would highly recommend Jim and New Zealand Safaris for that genuine once in a lifetime hunting experience!"

Ray & Becky Mounts and Heinz Ober
Montana, USA
  • “If you are looking for a great free range hunting opportunity on private land then look no further than Jim Gibson and New Zealand Safaris. Jim is an excellent guide with access to amazing private properties and he will put you in front of the animals you are looking for so be ready to do a little hiking and you will be rewarded, as I saw some with the best free range trophies New Zealand has to offer within 30 mins of the hunting lodge including my Bull Tahr. I added a huge fair chase Red Stag and Arapawa Ram that completed the trip with. Thanks Jim and family for providing an all round excellent hunting experience I highly recommend you.”
    Brandon Kubinec, Edmonton, Canada
  • “Dear Jim and Rhonda, just wanted to write you guys back about the great time we had hunting and visiting New Zealand. Your traditional style of hunting, spot and stalking the game was the way we like to hunt. Your outstanding properties were fantastic, the amount of mature animals was unbelievable especially the huge Stags. Jim your a very hard working guide and outfitter and it was great my wife could come on the hunts with us. You have have great knowledge of the land and game that you hunt it was a lot of fun. Rhonda, your hospitality and meals back at the lodge were second to none. We would like to thank you both for the great time we had with New Zealand Safaris. We would recommend you to anyone looking for and great hunting experience.”
    Kevin & MaryBeth Pollock, Utah, USA
  • “My name is John LaRue. I live in Montana. I am almost 74 years old and I hunted with Jim Gibson of New Zealand Safaris from May 9-17, 2016. Jim made the comment that "not many guys your age take red stag, tahr, and chamois on one trip to New Zealand." What he didn't say is that relatively few hunters are as privileged as I was - I had Jim Gibson as my guide. Jim laughingly referred to me as "the mountain goat". What I think he meant was "old goat". My knees are a serious handicap to mountain hunting. Even with a walking stick, travel downhill was difficult and slow and probably painful for Jim to watch. His amazing skills placed me within 200 yards or less of all three animals. I should mention that Jim hunts huge private ranches and estates. He is completely ethical and refuses to use helicopters on any of his hunts. Jim has an intimate knowledge of the animals and their habits. Importantly, he knows where they are. He frequently predicted what the animals were going to do before they did it. In addition, he has a complete knowledge of the tens of thousands of acres he hunts. And now for the good part. Jim is completely focused on your hunt being successful. In fact he is driven by that desire. I was lucky to find my tahr on the first day and took my stag on the third. The remaining 5 days were spent trying for chamois. Jim would not relent. He would not quit. He would not give up. On the last day of my hunt, after persistent glassing and pursuit for 5 days, Jim found my chamois and I made the shot. Jim is the best outfitter-guide I have ever had. That cannot have much meaning for you. What I totally believe is that regardless of your hunting experience, he will be the best guide you have ever had should you be fortunate to hunt with him.”
    John Larue, Montana, USA
  • “We had an amazing time with Jim and New Zealand Safaris. The entire experience was fantastic from the guide, scenery, hunts, touring, to the hospitality. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. He truly wants you to experience a fantastic hunt and a great all around time. He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a good time from amazing properties to hunt on, fabulous accommodations, to personally guided sight seeing trips that allows one to experience and see the greatness New Zealand has to offer. We can't say enough about Jim! With New Zealand Safaris you get more than a knowledgeable and fantastic guide, you get a great, genuine and personable guy who works extremely hard. We hunted Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Arapawa Ram and night shooting on Wallabies. All three hunts were better than we could have ever imagined! We experienced three great hunts with breathtaking views and amazing animals all around us. The quality of the hunt allows you to enjoy and appreciate your magnificent animals that much more. Thank you again for making this a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget. Your operation is second to none because of the passion you have for what you do and the interest and care you take in your clients, truly amazing!”
    Brendon & Jenna Ehrhardt, Alberta, Canada
  • "Thanks for the great hunting and touring of the North Island in New Zealand with Tom and myself. The Elk, Sika and Rusa and Alpine Goat were all great. My favourite Hunt was the Sika Stag in the Rotorua area. The two days there stalking, glassing and calling ending with the big stag rushing in towards the call to within 40 yards. The neatest mount however will be the Rusa deer. To me the mount of this stage in full hard velvet will be neater than anything I have shot in New Zealand or South Africa. Thanks again for the great hunt, the tour and all the nice people we met along the way. This was my second time back down and I would highly recommend New Zealand Safaris to anyone."
    Dave Monke, Nebraska, USA
  • "A truly unbelievable hunting experience. The past few days of hunting adventure had exceeded my highest expectations. Jim and Rhonda have a first class operation, the hospitality and meals provided by Rhonda were spectacular. Jim provided a one of a kind hunting opportunity only to be found with New Zealand Safaris, My hunt was for huge fair chase Red Stag, an amazingly wide Fallow Buck and a foot hunt for a mature trophy Bull Tahr."

    "I harvested spectacular animals on all 3 species. Jims outstanding guiding knowledge and access to exclusive properties that he only he has permission to enter allows him to provide hunting opportunities that cannot be compared to within New Zealand. My wife Tracy as well accompanied us on 2 out of the 3 harvests. She stated "I never knew I could see so much beauty from the huge amount of varied species, to the spectacular landscapes and scenery" Jim offers the entire hunting experience. He truly knows how to "do it right" Already in the planning to come back with friends!"
    Glenn and Tracy Heather, Alberta, Canada
  • "My wife and I have talked about visiting New Zealand for years. After talking with many booking agents, outfitters, and references via phone calls, emails, and sport shows, I decided to book with Jim Gibson and New Zealand Safaris. I am so glad that I did! Jim and his wife Rhonda treated us like we were part of their family from the time we arrived until the time we left. The daily home cooked meals and fresh desserts, local wine and beer, and overall hospitality were bar none!"

    "In my initial conversations with Jim, I expressed my desire for a total free range hunt for a wild red stag and a tahr without the use of a helicopter. Jim was more than accommodating to my request and we agreed upon a custom hunting package and dates. From our conversation in the truck between the airport and the lodge, I knew we were going to be in good hands for the type of hunting I was looking for. Jim's knowledge of the land and animals were evident during our conversations, and he backed up that knowledge while on the mountains. Never in our wildest dreams did my wife or I imagine that she would be able to accompany me on a successful tahr hunt, but due to the private land access Jim has, he was able to provide us with a hunting memory we'll both cherish forever when I took my tahr with my wife by my side. A couple of days later, I was successful at taking a mature Royal Red Stag that we had been chasing up and down the mountains as well."

    "With both of my trophies down and a day left in our trip, Jim asked us what we wanted to do or see. After discussing the options, we opted for a day of sightseeing. Not only did Jim take us to the usual spots that all visitors need to see while in the area, he also took us to some of the sights off of the beaten path that only a local would know about or have access to. This gave use priceless moments that added to the overall experience of the entire trip for us both."

    "Whether it's on your short list or your bucket list, if you want to experience a truly fair chase hunt for wild animals as well as take in the local culture, you need to contact New Zealand Safaris. Our time with New Zealand Safaris, Jim and his family exceeded our expectations. I know it sounds cliché when I say you'll arrive as clients but leave as friends, but it's true. So much so we're already discussing going back again and can't wait until we do!"
    Jared & Kristin Mertes, Minnesota USA
  • "I wanted to send you a note and let you know that Travis and I had an awesome trip! We were drawn to your booth at the SCI show because of the free range hunting and that is exactly what we got. Eight days of rough country and scenic adventures filled with an abundance of Red Stag, Tahr and Fallow Deer. It is absolutely amazing that we were able to hunt and each get a beautiful Stag, Tahr and Fallow Deer in the week we were there. The meals that Rhonda made were absolutely terrific and made the trip even more enjoyable. I will enjoy the memories of this hunt for a lifetime and consider both you and Bernard good friends for life! I look forward to the opportunity to return to New Zealand for another great adventure with New Zealand Safaris!"
    Mike Benedict, Minnesota USA
  • "Having hunted many places around the world, New Zealand Safaris proved to be one of our family’s top safaris."

    "Jim Gibson was able to provide access to all his various private hunting locations that are close by, all having great animals to choose from both free range and fair chase. My 13 year old son took an enormous free range stag, along with a monster tahr. Jim provides the best hunting opportunity for those looking for free range hunts on foot or the amazing fair chase Red Stags. The challenge of this hunt, along with such incredible scenery, made this the most rewarding hunt I have ever been on."

    "Jim and his guides are top class professional hunters who know what they are doing; I highly recommend New Zealand Safaris as guides. On top of the 27 mature trophies my family took on this trip, we were extremely happy with our accommodations, service and especially the food. We wanted for nothing and would do it all again. And Jim taking the family personally down to Queenstown and the North Island made the difference."
    Rebekah Koehly, Texas, USA